in memory of SALLY


Sally's Journey

Surrendered from a puppy mill after 6 long years, Sally was sold to an eager family. Within a very short time, the family became disenchanted with her lack of housetraining. Sally was tied to a doghouse in the family's backyard where she lived for the next 3 long years. Sally had become a yard dog.  Winter and summer, day and night she waited for that family to discover what a good dog she really was. She barked and barked, wanting desperately for them to listen.

After 3 years of Sally's barking, the neighbor's complaints resulted in Sally being dumped at the pound. That's where I met her, shaking like a leaf, confused and terrified, spittle running down her chest in a white frothy mess. Her hair was long and matted with caked on layers of mud and feces. Sally didn't understand why she was being treated so badly, after all...she knew she was a good dog.
I promised her that day, that she would never go unloved again.


After all the official paperwork was done, it was off to Auntie Jen's house (with all the car windows rolled down...phew). Sally was clipped, bathed and smelled like a rose in no time. She had old dog warts and a saggy, puppy-bearing belly but she looked like a million dollars to me.

The next four years were full of fun and adventures for that old yard dog. Trips to the coast, McDonald's french fries, sitting in Mrs. D's rose pots, but best of all hanging out under the lowest branches of the plum tree waiting for the plums to drop. She made me think of Winnie the Pooh in the Hunny Tree.


Life was great. Until just before Christmas day.
Sally became sick...really sick. She never once complained although we found a large mass in her chest, cancer in her jaw, and a very tired heart. She was somewhere between 13 and 15 years old.
On January 2, 2009 Sally ran outside in the freshly fallen snow and enjoyed a warmed bowl of homemade soup for supper. I had hoped we would share a bit more time together but on January 3, 2009 at 12:30 pm, my Sally died, surrounded by love. I kissed her fuzzy head one last time as she left this world and said goodbye to a little piece of my heart.
This little yard dog had a heart of gold. She taught me about forgiveness, unconditional love, determination, and ultimately...dying with dignity.
I want the world to know that this little yard dog was a good girl. That's all Sally ever wanted from the start.
Run like the wind in your little red sweater Sally. I'm sure God has a plum tree in heaven just for you. I miss you. Love Mommy.


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