No New Space at Surrey SPCA

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Long-promised new space for rabbits at the Surrey SPCA still not realized

Posted By: Carmina Gooch
Date: Tuesday, 29 August 2006, at 7:06 p.m.

The BC SPCA has spoken for a number of years on the need to build a new facility in Surrey, yet it's still being discussed, which makes me wonder just how much longer it will be until we will see any action. When the City of Surrey extended the SPCA Contract in December of 2005 it allowed for the possibility of a partnership in developing an "animal care facility that would serve a number of municipalities south of the Fraser River." Options are going to be further explored over the next two to three years. So, more waiting.

In early 2001 renovations to the cat room were completed and the little room there was for rabbits and small critters was all but eliminated. Promises to build pens alongside the building fell through, and, instead a couple of hutches were put out back, away from public view, and several portable cages were put in an isolation area. There were inquiries to the then branch manager by staff, volunteers, and the public alike, as to why, when so many of these "pets" were being surrendered was there not more space provided. A staff member told me that the manager said that most small animals were put down so there was no need.

In June of this year I was informed by the manager that hopefully a "hutch type structure" was going to be built in the not so "distant future."

If even minor improvements to benefit the animals cannot be made in a timely manner it's no wonder the bigger undertakings aren't being realized.

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