2011 sled dog regulations have no teeth.

When in 2011 news of the slaughter of as many as 100 off-season sled dogs after the Whistler Winter Olympics in 2010 hit the internet, the BC Liberal government tried to douse the world-wide conflagration of rage with impressive-sounding regulations around the keeping of sled dogs.  Followers of this stage-show were not impressed with many aspects of the regulations. (Read the regulations)

The regulations seemed produced more to protect the Liberal government from the rage and to divert attention away from the BCSPCA, which could have prevented the slaughter, than to protect sled dogs

The Whistler News has never let this story drop and now presents the evidence that reveals that the regulations have no teeth – and it seems – no enforcement.

Read the Whistler News story at 70 Sled Dogs Disappear From Mount Currie Facility

- Judy Stone, North Vancouver, BC

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