A letter from D.R.

 Dear AAS,   I found her smashed and broken on the side of the road. She had no collar and no ID just as though she had no reality – a RESERVE THROW-AWAY DOG. I put a collar and a tag on her when I picked her up just to give her a moment of someone caring that she existed. I named her Miss Daisy – no reason really.

It was so horrible. But I stroked her and talked softly to her while he administered the final injection.
Then I lit a candle for her when I got home.”

AAS comments:  If only there was a big network of rescuers taking all unwanted dogs off the reserves Miss Daisy’s short life wouldn’t have ended so sadly.I believe that if the hundreds of women, who are so self-importantly importing dogs from the U.S. and Iran and Mexico and Taiwan and many other countries and other provinces, would band together to clean up the reserves with free spay/neuter, take the unwanted and uncared for dogs, and to pull all the dogs out of our own high-kill pounds, we can make our province “NO DOG KILL  BC”.

But would that get the media stories lavish in their praise of the importers? And short on questions about BC dogs dying like Miss Daisy.  And short on question about the standards of care of the imported dogs once they get here.  And short on questions about the money.

Watch for more.

- Judy Stone, Vancouver, BC

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