TELL and RUN – the Retriever pup in the crate

This photo is not of the dog described

This photo is not of the dog described

Hello AAS,

I know a family who has a young neutered golden retriever. One of the parents doesn’t like the dog and the dog’s behaviour is affected by it (he goes to the bathroom on beds, chewing woodwork).

I think this is due to the fact that the parent who doesn’t like the dog, is home with the dog all day and keeps him in the cage, since the dog gets on her nerves. I feel sick to my stomach to see the dog either tied to a table, or caged. 

They asked me to help them find a new home. How would I go about it?

In order to forestall these people from selling the pup on Craigs List, or giving it away for free, I immediately offered to pose as a person whose much-loved Retriever had died recently, who would like to adopt their dog. I suggested to the complainant that she tell the owners that I would be happy to pay them for their costs and to allow them to inspect my home.

And then… silence. I will send all the information to the SPCA. Perhaps it can use its law enforcement powers to help this young dog.

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