More witnesses to severe abuse told by the BCSPCA it can’t do anything without proof of it happening at the moment

I had information on an owner who neglects there dogs, beats and abuses them. I’m not exactly sure how to do this this is my first time. Please get back to me soon I will give you all the information I have I don’t have proof, a video or picture but I do have eyes and I witnessed this all happening. I also have a friend who saw it happening. I called the bcspca for a case, me and 2 other people.  It seems that they can’t do anything without actually proof of it happening at the moment. All I can do is give them the information I had with what I remember and the time it was around.

My friend was looking after the dog (chihuahua) when the owner was away and took the dog to be x-rayed and saw that the leg was deformed (after being beaten) it had really bad hip problems and the gums on in it’s mouth was completely swollen and the dog had missing teeth (pretty bad teeth for it’s age).

She gets pets such as rabbits/dogs, her last last boyfriend purchased a great dane  (for breeding purposes) he also purchased a corgi  for her as a gift, and she always had her first dog which is a chihuahua (the one with swollen gums and bad hips) and also she had a pomeranian (bought for breeding purposes as well). Eventually they broke up she took all the dogs except for the corgi.

Every single dog in her and his care had broken legs and just wasn’t cared for properly. The great dane was left outside in the cold on the balcony all night in the freezing rain I witnessed it all and tried to let her back in but was unfortunatly caught and was told “just leave her outside” at the time I was “friends” with them. The corgi suffered scars on her head, a broken and severely swollen back leg she was only 3months old. around the 5th month mark they told everyone that the dog had jumped off the balcony and her neck broke in half and she died. The great dane was kicked in the chin with the tip of a shoe so hard I could hear her whimpering.

When they broke up she took the great Dane the pomeranian and her chihuahua. I asked her if I could take the pomeranian and care for it she told me “if you can potty train her you can keep her” which I did potty trained her teach her tricks, gave her a loving home eventually I was dishing out alot of money for the dog so I decided the dog is mine. I registered her and licensed her I have spent more then 1grand at least on all her injuries and rotting teeth.

So we filed animal cruelty against her. I guess I was really hoping for it to be an open and shut case where me and another person witnessed the beatings and abuse but it’s disappointing how me just seeing all of it happen in front of my own eyes wasn’t “proof” enough.

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